Have you checked out the series on the Creed over at The Wine Dark Sea blog?

For the Year of Faith, longtime blogger Melanie Bettinelli, and friend of the Among Women podcast, is hosting a series of guest posts from bloggers around blogdom on the subject of the Creed. Your truly was happily assigned the gig for “The Father Almighty”. Here’s a snippet of my contribution…

On the shelf above my kitchen sink – the sink being the place where I do a fair amount of thinking and praying – I have a little sign with this message:

Telling God how big your problems are? Tell your problems how big God is!

That little sign reminds me of the Creed and the foundations of my trust in God.

When we pray the words, “I believe in one God, the Father almighty,” we declare the bigness of God – his omnipotence. Those same words profess a Father who loves us, as well as acknowledging our identity as beloved daughters and sons.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), paragraph 278, offers a compelling question:

If we don’t believe that God’s love is almighty, how can we believe that the Father could create us, the Son redeem us, and the Holy Spirit sanctify us?

Pondering this challenges me, and makes me think deeply. It might as well have asked me: “How big is your God?”  Or maybe, “How small is your faith?” But even if I don’t have it all figured out, I can lean on this much… I can trust that God is bigger than my misunderstandings and limitations.

God has many incredible attributes, but only God’s omnipotence as “Almighty” is named in the Creed. God Almighty’s power is universal. God rules everything and can do everything. As master of the universe and the Lord of history his will is limitless. “Father almighty” states God’s infinite power as it admits a profound fatherly love for us—with all the tender affection and care a Father bestows upon his children, and so much more.

Read the rest. Enjoy the series, in progress, here.

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