“The retreat evaluations have rave reviews of Pat.  She is gifted with “humor”, “energy”, “intelligence”, “spirituality’’, “approachableness”……… they loved her!!  (And so did I!) A long time team member stated it was the best retreat she has ever attended and she admits to never taking notes and this time she couldn’t write fast enough!  We all agreed that Pat has an awesome way of connecting. Her professionalism kept us on-time, awake, engaged…. the evaluations also stated they would love to have Pat back!” — Alice Beas, Adult Education and Event Coordinator, St. Michael Church, Poway CA

“You will LOVE Pat Gohn!  In picking her up at the airport (in her cowboy boots) I knew she’d fit right in! Pat is a very down to earth gal that connected immediately with our audience through her humor, vulnerability and by sharing her authentic spiritual journey. She has a huge heart for women and encouraged and challenged us that weekend to embrace our femininity in a way that many had not allowed themselves or didn’t know how….. a refreshing & faith filled time was had by all. You can’t afford NOT to include her in your next retreat/conference schedule!” — Carolyn Kalb, Retreat Coordinator, Women’s Auxiliary, Whispering Winds Conference Center, Julian, CA

“It is a rare occasion when a speaker is able to connect with multiple generations but that was certainly the case with Pat Gohn at our Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious women’s retreat held in Elkhart, IN.  The one hundred and fifty ladies who attended ranged in age from eighteen to eighty plus.  All walked away feeling not only refreshed and renewed but also affirmed as women.This was the first retreat that our women’s ministry had ever put on and Pat made it very easy by giving us great direction and quick communication. I highly recommend Pat, not only as a speaker, but also as a holy woman who lives the walk she talks. She is the consummate Catholic woman and mother.” — Lori Massa, “Be it Done!” Catholic Womens Ministries, Elkhart IN

“Pat Gohn led us in a faith and grace filled retreat on the dignity of women and the importance of our unique gifts in our Catholic faith.  She helped all participants explore more fully our feminine genius and our call to spiritual motherhood.  Pat’s delightful style is uplifting, humorous, reverent, and meaningful.” – Donna Ayer, Coordinator for Women’s Retreat, Mary Our Queen Church, Southington, CT

“Pat brings a beautiful spirit to her presentations. She is joy filled and very down to earth. You feel like you are sharing coffee with your wise, funny and loving friend. Her witty and insightful presentations are accessible for a broad audience. We were thrilled to have her come to our parish.” – Suzanne Muldoon, Director of Faith Formation, Good Shepherd Parish, Wayland, MA

“Our ministry, The Little Daughters of the Sacred Heart prays each year for God’s guidance as we consider possible speakers for our annual women’s retreat. This past year, February 2015, the Holy Spirit led us to choose Pat Gohn, a wonderful dynamic speaker. Pat literally blew in from the cold, on a brutal New England night and filled our evening with her warmth, insights and laughter as she unveiled for us the connection between St. Therese and the feminine genius. We were totally captivated by her engaging stories and deep understanding of St. Therese’s Little Way, but more than that, Pat encouraged us to love God more deeply and to delight in how He designed us as women.” – Marie Thibodeau, Co-director of The Little Daughters of the Sacred Heart, MA 


“Working with Pat was such a JOY! Over and over again, conference participants noted her relatability, her quick smile and cheerful heart. She has the unique gift of enabling perfect strangers to trust her words on very personal topics within minutes of meeting her- addressing what it means to be a woman in this day and age was no small can of worms! And yet, through her honesty and warm mother’s heart, Pat invites listeners to consider the truth of her words with open hearts- a true testament to the grace of the Holy Spirit! It was our privilege to host Pat, we cannot recommend her highly enough!” -Anne Marie Dust, “In Her Cherished Heart” Diocese of Springfield women’s conference coordinator

“Pat Gohn is a talented speaker and a passionate disciple. Her talks in our diocese have been consistently excellent, inviting the faithful to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church. I highly recommend her to parishes, dioceses, and other groups looking for a conference or retreat speaker.”  –Jonathan F. Sullivan, Director of Catechetical Services, Diocese of Springfield, Illinois


“Pat Gohn spoke at our 2013 Catholic Women’s Conference in San Antonio on the topic of “Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood” to 2,000 women from all over Texas and seven states. Her presentation was well received. Pat’s creativity and joy made her presentation very interesting! Based on her book, Pat’s presentation offered a lot of knowledge on the vocation of woman, with humor, and at the same time, direction for women in search for true meaning in their lives which they can find in Christ and in His Church. – Mary Jane Fox, Co-founder and co-director of the Pilgrim Center of Hope, San Antonio, TX


“John Paul II writes, “The moral and spiritual strength of a woman is joined to her awareness that God entrusts the human being in a special way….A woman is strong because of her awareness of this entrusting, strong because of the fact that God’ entrusts the human being to her”. Celebrating the gift of Catholic womanhood throughout our weekend with Pat truly inspired each and every person in attendance.  Pat personalized our time together by asking women from our community to share testimony on being Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious!  She strengthened each talk with her insight of a blessed dignity, beautiful gifts, and the bodacious mission of women.  We not only entrusted Pat with our thoughts, questions, and prayers, but gained a strong awareness of how God created us for a very special purpose and mission, and that your womanhood is part of His plan.” –Kimberly Thompson, MAPT, Director of Religious Education at St. Jude Catholic Church in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, IL


“The National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) was excited to have Pat Gohn answer the call and say “yes” to come and speak at our 2013 NCCW convention.  Pat shared her personal story of being a wife and mother and took us on a journey through our own lives.  This journey told us that we are blessed — giving us dignity, that we are gifted — therefore beautiful, and that we are on a mission which makes us bodacious.  She shared the wisdom of Blessed John Paul II about the genius of women and as women, our importance in our world.  We were reminded of four unique gifts of our womanhood — generosity, receptivity, sensitivity and maternity and she further empowered us to embrace our blessings, our beauty and our bodaciousness and to go and make a difference in our world.  We were indeed blessed to have her with us and encourage others to do the same.”   – Mary Matheus, Treasurer, National Council of Catholic Women


“It was a pleasure having Pat Gohn be a part of the “The Beauty of the Feminine: Called to Love” Women’s Conference in October 2012. She was willing to personalize her presentation for our specific audience, and was enthusiastic about sharing the particular gifts we have as women. We enjoyed having Pat as part of our conference and hope she continues to inspire women to better appreciate their dignity and vocation.” – Conference Coordinators, “The Beauty of the Feminine: Called to Love” Women’s Conference, Zanesville, OH


“After attending a weekend retreat based upon Pat Gohn’s book: Blessed, Beautiful, Bodacious,  I felt that I walked away with 52 new, best friends.  The connection that Pat enabled through a spiritual, practical, fun and engaging manner made the weekend go way too quickly.  I am hopeful to have Pat visit my parish in the near future for a Catholic Women’s Conference.  Give yourself a gift, seek out one of her gatherings (if nothing else, read her book)!” — Pam Purinton, Member of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, Billings, MT


“Pat Gohn is just the kind of speaker we were looking for when providing a women’s retreat at our parish.  Our Women to Women ministry was created to bring women together of different generations and phases of life.  This retreat on Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious did just that. A great sense of community was created by the day as we learned from each other. Pat is a dynamic, knowledgeable and very funny speaker.  Besides her solid teaching, her personal stories bring the message home.  She is easy to relate to since “she’s been there.”  She encouraged and challenged us.  Pat is especially effective in facilitating discussions.  She included the participation of personal witnesses to enhance the teaching.  We were all blessed by Pat sharing her gifts with us.” – Victoria Delgreco, Women to Women Leadership Team, St Michael Church, Exeter, NH


“The WINGS ministry (Women In God’s Spirit) has had the privilege of having Pat as a speaker on more than one occasion.  Pat’s sharing was a gift to all present.  Pat did not talk above us, but rather with us, as a wife, mother, and a beautiful women of faith, trying  — like all of us — to live according to God’s will.  WINGS members have ranked Pat as one of their all-time favorite speakers!  Pat’s humor, intelligence, beautiful voice, and her love of the Catholic faith leave her audience hungry for more!” – Linda Calabrese, Moderator, WINGS Ministry, Saint Mary’s Church, Holliston, MA


“Pat Gohn is vibrant, genuine, and captivating! Pat delivered a deeply spiritual retreat to 64 women at our military chapel and we all loved her! Her message, inspired by her new book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood, was profoundly inspiring and motivating. Pat is truly a bodacious woman who lovingly shares her beautiful gifts, and insightfully reminds us how we are so uniquely blessed!”  – Nancy Loney and Vera Williams, Military Council of Catholic Women, Carlisle Barracks Chapel, PA 

“Pat Gohn is a speaker par excellence – insightful, inspirational, and thought-provoking.  Her talks at our Catholic Writers retreat encouraged all present to realize the importance of a writer’s vocation and her presentation at our Catholic Writers Conference on new media opened our eyes to our role in the New Evangelization.  Pat is a wealth of wisdom to everyone she encounters.” – Ann Margaret Lewis, President, Catholic Writers Guild, Indianapolis, IN

“Pat Gohn is an engaging, dynamic and enthusiastic presenter.  She is a natural teacher who enjoys connecting with her audience.  Her lively, committed faith clearly informs her life and her message.  Her ability to promote good conversation, discussion, and questions is strong and effective.  She awakens that thirst to learn more.” – Fr. Peter Gori, OSA, Pastor, St. Augustine Church, Andover, MA

“Pat was spectacular as a presenter at our Catholic Writers of Long Island Conference — clearly both gifted and well-prepared.  She wowed us all.  She has great appeal as a human being, and laser insights that connect the spiritual with the practical and personal aspects of our work as writers, and our discernment process concerning where and how to use our gifts for the Kingdom.  Not to mention she is HILARIOUS. And on top of doing a major presentation to a packed house of 150 people, who she held in the palm of her hand, she was simultaneously recording all of the talks for us.    – Lisa Mladinich, President, Catholic Writers of Long Island, NY

“I got to know Pat by working closely with her on the 2010 and 2011 “Catholic New Media Celebrations.”  The CNMC is an international conference, held each year, to inform and build community among those using new forms of media in the Roman Catholic Church.  Pat’s talent as a speaker was evident in the two talks she gave at the CNMC in 2011.”  –Steve Nelson, Executive Director,

“Pat Gohn was recommended as a speaker for our annual Secretaries Appreciation Day.  We had told Pat the audience she would be speaking to and that we wanted to affirm their ministry in our Diocese.  Pat was wonderful! Pat was very organized and kept to her allotted time.  She interjected a bit of humor into her talk as well as a deep spirituality.  She touched and affirmed every woman who was present that morning.  We hope Pat will be able to join the Diocese of Worcester, MA on many other occasions.”- Anne Ancona, President, Commissions for Women, Diocese of Worcester, MA

“Pat’s talk on our Blessed Mother Mary was well received by all in attendance.  She was articulate, entertaining, and full of great information encompassing the best of our Catholic Tradition and the wisdom of the saints.  I highly recommend Pat as a speaker for any parish event.  Her teaching is sound and presented in a way that engages and holds the attention of any audience.” – Joy Davis, Director of Religious Education, St. Bernard/St. Margaret Mary Parishes, Keene, NH

“Pat Gohn is a gifted teacher and companion on a spiritual journey to become closer to God.  She offers her audience encouragement and love to live a life filled with grace and hope following in the ways of Jesus.  I highly recommend her as a speaker for parishes and spiritual groups.” – Earline Tweedie, St. Michael Parish, North Andover, MA