Suggested Talk Topics

Talks based on ALL IN: Why belonging to the Catholic Church matters

Pat will tailor a talk for your event. While this book’s title may seem very intimidating to some, the book was really written for Catholics who may not feel “all in”… they may be discouraged or wobbly in their relationship with the Church. Depending on the needs of your audience, Pat will design a talk to help Catholics know where and why they can place their trust in the Church.

See the All In retreat, below. 

One-day retreats for women:

“Blessed Among Women” – Based on stories from the Among Women podcast, this a day of prayer and fellowship with women from your parish with talks from Pat on Mary, women saints, and women from the Bible.

“Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious” – Based on Pat’s book of the same name, this is a day of prayer and fellowship with women from your parish with talks from Pat on the themes of the dignity of women (you are blessed!), the gifts of women (you are beautiful!), and the mission of women (you are bodacious!)  Read blog posts about the #BBBRetreat here and here.  Pat has given this retreat to over 3000 women across the US and Canada.

Contact Pat for more information about retreat outlines, formats, and scheduling.


One-day retreat for women and men:

All In: Why belonging to the Catholic Church matters:

Talk 1: “The Beloved”

Talk 2: “The Antidote for the Mud-splashed Bride Syndrome”

Talk 3: “Super Powers of the Saints”

Listen to Pat read content from her book, All In, on the Among Women podcast: Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.

Listen to an in-depth interview with Pat on Catholic Answers on the book’s subject matter here.

Talks based on Pat’s book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious:

You are Blessed: An introduction to the dignity of the human person, with emphasis on being created in the image of God and being baptized as God’s beloved daughters. This talk is tailored specifically for women.

You are Beautiful: An introduction to the four beautiful gifts of womanhood found in the writings of John Paul II… receptivity, generosity, sensitivity, and maternity. This talk is specifically for woman, and has a Marian emphasis.

You are Bodacious: An introduction to the bodacious — most excellent! –mission of women. This talk explains how humanity is entrusted to womanhood, and  how all women are called to lead through the gift of spiritual motherhood, and many women will do so through physical motherhood. (This talk is often retitled: What the World Needs Now is Spiritual Mothers — like You! Hear Pat share this talk on her podcast, Among Women. )

Beloved Daughter: Coming to know the Fatherhood of God through the Prayers of Jesus the Son Many of us carry emotional wounds that better describe our brokenness as daughters rather than our belovedness. Using scripture and the prayers from the Mass, discover the keys to overcoming a wounded heart by making the prayers of Jesus your own.

Five Suggestions for Aspiring Spiritual Mothers — What is spiritual motherhood, and what might it look like in your life? Pat outlines the basics necessities for relational ministry in woman’s life.

Mary, Icon of the Feminine Genius — This is more of a Mariology talk and how Mary’s example is a model for the feminine genius. Her inspirational life brings to light the dignity, gifts, and mission of womanhood. This might make a good talk #4 for the “Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious” retreat above.


  • The Bible for Beginners
  • Facilitator for The Great Adventure Bible Series: Ascension Press


  • Introduction to the Catechism (basic outlines of the 4 parts) – “Holding the Pillars in the Palm of Your Hands”
  • The Dignity of the Human Person
  • Selected topics from the Catechism.

Christian life

  • Our Call to Conversion: Exploring the Restless Heart and the Writings of St. Augustine – (For Theology of Tap Audiences: “St Gus and the Restless Hearts”)
  • Women Saints: Companions for the Journey
  • “Christian, recognize your dignity….” A talk for ministry leaders
  •  Coping with Cancer using the Sacraments and Prayer; also for breast cancer patients: “H.O.P.E. is our Super Power”


  •  Mary and Me: My Journey to take Mary as my Mother
  •  The Truth about Mary: Misunderstood Dogmas about Mary
  •  What is the Rosary?

The Mass and the Eucharist

  • Introduction to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


  • From the Word Made Flesh to the Word Gone Digital : Encouragement for Catholic writers and others to use New Media for evangelization.
  • You Can’t Spell Technology Without THEOLOGY : Spiritual foundations for new media communications relationships
  • The Wise Woman’s Guide to Words, Wi-Fi, and Witness

New Evangelization

  • The Heart of Evangelization — a talk introducing your role in the New Evangelization
  • Workshop on how to give a personal testimony – this pairs well with the talk above.
  • A.S.K. = Ask, seek, knock: training lay leaders to take the lead in praying with and for others, person-to-person.
  • St Gus and the Restless Hearts — a look at the life of St. Augustine and how our restlessness can move us to God


  •  The Lord’s Prayer – as outlined by Benedict XVI and/or the Catechism
  •  What is Prayer?  (ACTS: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication)
  • What is the Rosary?
  • Total Consecration to Mary (according to St. Louis de Montfort)

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