The F.U.N. Quotient… two of my loves: music and the great outdoors

So, it’s Friday, and instead of my usual trip to my church for adoration in the middle of the day, I’m presenting a talk overview of the themes of my book at a lovely church in Mashpee, MA, down “on the Cape.” Don’t ask me how early I had to get up in the morning to arrive at my designation, just say a little prayer for my travels, and for all the women who will be there. Thank you.

I post these little Friday gems because they make me smile. I love the great outdoors and I love music. I post these links shamelessly, having found them on the adorable and winsome blog Summa This Summa That curated by Joseph Susanka. Go read his stuff.

Here’s the first link, a great video of classical songstress, Cecelia Bartoli, so you need to go watch it.

And here’s a cool video from the beauties of Wyoming… (I visited WY back in 2000, and it is eternally memorable — a slice of heaven.)

Moonwalk from Bryan Smith on Vimeo.