Podcasts with Pro-Life Themes… share these!

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 6.55.00 PMHere’s a quick review of some of the Among Women podcasts that may interest you as we conclude this year’s March for Life.

(Click on the links for each show and find valuable resources related to the subject matter.)

Among Women 121: Pro-life advocate Leticia Velasquez combats the culture of death and discusses her book about families with children with Downs Syndrome.

Among Women 120: A compelling story of a birth mother and an adoptive mother who discuss the decisions they made, the prayers they prayed, and the daughter they share via an open adoption… 14 years after the child was placed for adoption.

Among Women 75: Guest Dr Theresa Burke, an international expert on post-abortion stress and healing, as well as a clinical psychiatrist, discusses healing after an abortion, and the ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard. Pass this information on to your friends and churches. Everyone should know of this important ministry.

Among Women 74: Pro-life teen Jessica Schacle discusses her reasons behind her pro-life advocacy. This episode also features teaching on the Church’s profound understanding of the dignity of the human person.

Among Women 29: Guest Kathleen Fitzpatrick chronicles her journey of becoming pregnant during college, and her decision to give birth to a son and raise him. Women in their college years are among the highest statistics for abortion rates in this country. Share Kathleen’s story with someone you know!

Among Women 155: This most recent podcast talks about the genius of women, my latest article in the Washington Post, and the Nine Day novena that you can pray for life.