Mainstream Media: Cover the #Gosnell case!

There’s a movement on Twitter to help call out the mainstream media for ignoring the coverage surrounding abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Here’s an angle about media blackouts and censorship that comes from catechist, Peggy Clores, a former guest on Among Women, who wrote to me about this new story:

Regardless of your viewpoint, every American should be deeply concerned and disturbed by the chronic censorship of relevant news in our country. As a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I take this censorship of information very seriously. The wipe out of critical news made it effortless to put my grandparents in the ovens of Auschwitz. The fact that so many Americans are not aware that one third of the present generation (55 million persons) have been eliminated in our country alone in the last 40 years is as much a cause for concern as the fact itself. ~Peggy Clores

She adds: If Gosnell had shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news

Peggy Clores’ words are used here with her permission.
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