Still Pouring High Test: Another Cup of Coffee hosts the Blessed, Beautiful, & Bodacious blog tour

Here’s a little introduction to the book’s blog tour: Ten Bodacious Basic… Ten Minutes at Time:

Another Cup of Coffee is, to me, one of the world’s greatest names for a blog, and I’m happy that the Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious blog tour is parked over there today, courtesy of Maria Morera Johnson*.

Full disclosure: Maria Johnson is my good buddy. We are writing buddies, prayer buddies, and SQPN buddies. Her holy influence really helped me get through the early rough drafts of the manuscript for this book, especially on the days when my confidence sagged, and I wanted to run from the prospect of another chapter, but instead poured another cup of coffee and got down to business.

I’m blessed to know Maria. And blessed to take the occasional road trip with her, but that’s another story. On one outing last summer, she surprised me with matching t-shirts for the book….


Which eventually led to a whole lot more swag and good clean fun.

Look for today’s installment on the audio blog tour here. 

Tomorrow’s stop on the blog tour: Embracing Motherhood

A schedule for the full blog tour is here.


*You might appreciate a podcast I recorded with Maria earlier late last year about the power of a praying friend.