Spiritual Motherhood — what’s that? Here’s 5 Tips for Aspiring Spiritual Mothers on the Blog Tour

One of the most tenderly written blogs on faith and family life, In the Heart of My Home, by Elizabeth Foss* is host to the Ten Bodacious Basics Blog Tour today. And I couldn’t be more tickled to have Elizabeth as a hostess.

Today’s theme is spiritual motherhood, and it pairs ever so nicely with warm and wise wisdom that emanates from Elizabeth’s blog. Whether she knows it or not, she has been a model and mentor to many (including me!) over her decades-long writing career, a kind and generous spiritual mother, as well as a devoted wife and mother to a house full of children.

If you are just catching up to this blog tour, here’s an explanation of what it is all about — ten minute audio clips from the book, over ten days:

So, get on over to Elizabeth Foss’ blog to listen to today’s audio, and be sure to leave a comment for Elizabeth so you can be entered in the free drawing at her blog to win a copy of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious.


*You may recall my conversation with Elizabeth Foss about the midlife years on Among Women. It was one of the most listened-to shows of 2012. Find it here.