Among Women 161: Catholic Pediatricians Make a Difference!

imgtopJoin me for a great new Among Women podcast episode featuring the lives of Catholic pediatricians and the good they bring to the world around us. This time around we’ll profile the life of St. Gianna Molla, a wife, mother and pediatrician who, in 1962, died heroically in the days following the birth of her fourth child, the same child that her physician recommend that she abort.

6a26ddcf1453295881ca3dcd15ff22b8In our conversation segment, I’m pleased to bring you an informative discussion about teens and their sexual development with Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, founder of, and one of the creators of the new Theology of the Body phone app Text4RealSex. She’s also writing over at

In this interview Dr. Berchelmann explains the benefits of finding a Catholic Pediatrician as she takes on the moral and medical questions regarding raising teenage girls with regard to the Gardisil vaccine, oral contraceptives for girls with difficult periods, and similar medical dilemmas facing teens and their parents. And if you haven’t discovered her Catholic Pediatrician directory or her Facebook group, visit today!

This episode of Among Women will also share some of the links for my recent interviews about Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious on radio and podcasts.

Listen to the podcast here, or on iTunes, episode 161.