The F.U.N. Quotient… for Bob (cantata edition)

Once upon a time, my husband Bob was a choir boy. I guess you can take a boy out of the choir but you can’t take the choir out of the man. Or something like that.

Just this past week he revealed that this Bach cantata was his most favorite piece of music from those years. He further revealed that he had bought us tickets to hear the cantata performed. It was a most special date.

Thought you might enjoy this music. And if you don’t have much time, skip to 13:30 in the program for an amazing few minutes with the Chorale 4.

This is only the translation of the Chorale 4:

Zion hört die Wächter singen,
Zion hears the watchmen sing,
Das Herz tut ihr vor Freuden springen,
her heart leaps for joy,
Sie wachet und steht eilend auf.
she awakes and gets up in haste.
Ihr Freund kommt vom Himmel prächtig,
Her friend comes from heaven in his splendour,
Von Gnaden stark, von Wahrheit mächtig,
strong in mercy, mighty in truth.
Ihr Licht wird hell, ihr Stern geht auf.
Her light becomes bright, her star rises.
Nun komm, du werte Kron,
Now come, you worthy crown,
Herr Jesu, Gottes Sohn!
Lord Jesus, God’s son!
Wir folgen all
We all follow
Zum Freudensaal
to the hall of joy
Und halten mit das Abendmahl.
and share in the Lord’s supper.

Find the whole cantata translated here.