Among Women 222: Negativity Among Catholics Thwarts the Good



This episode of Among Women features a conversation about an ancient martyr’s death — that of St. Blandina in 177 AD. But I also discuss the frequent “persecutions” we see online and in the media among Christians whose negativity and criticism toward each other thwarts the good they may do.

My guest is Jaymie Stuart Wolfe, writer of an provocative must-read article from The Pilot (the newspaper from the Archdiocese of Boston) — “Uncomfortable” — that challenges the in-fighting that can happen between members of the Church. Together we discuss the harmful effects of disparaging each other and one another’s projects with a kind of litmus Catholic test. This kind of negativity is contrary to the Christian mission. This show is a call to check our own witness, and to tend to our own efforts at reaching out to others. Let’s instead support each other in extending the mission of the Gospel.

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