Support Catholic businesses that help support your Catholic life

Amidst the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, besides all the important safety reminders, remember to pray daily.

For Catholics that might mean praying with a live stream of a Mass (especially on Sundays), praying the Rosary, or other devotions like the Divine Mercy chaplet.

Spiritual reading is also a support to a strong prayer life — and it is something positive you can do amidst the difficulties to help nurture your soul and that of your family.

Those of you who have followed me for years here, or at Among Women, or have read my books, know that a large part of this apostolate has been sharing the faith via speaking, or writing, as well as the sharing work of writers who have encouraged all of us to live Catholic faith both personally and in our families.

After giving your support for the local church and those in need, if your means still allow, I ask for your support on behalf of Catholic publishing companies and Catholic retailers — during this economic downturn.

My book, ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters is currently only $2.99 in the kindle edition. (That sale ends 4/15/2020.) But many other good books are on sale over at Ave Maria Press.

My son works for the Catholic Company and helps to produce the Good Catholic series of online videos and email meditations, and more. They are also promoting the #PrayStrong message in their retail side.

Like that cool tee shirt above? Check it out here. Get one for your state.

Be assured of my prayers for the many readers and listeners who stop by here and at Among Women.



Image credits:
Top: Courtesy of the Catholic Company
Bottom: Ave Maria Press