Wishing you joy… amidst it all …

I have no deep wisdom to share as we wrap up 2020. Other than this: we are already in the new year and we ought to embrace it… it started on the First Sunday of Advent and right now we’re getting ready for the Christmas season. And that means awakening to the goodness that we are really do have a Savior who loves us so much that he took on human flesh, to show us how to live. (I offer a few more thoughts about the coming of Christmas on this recent episode of Among Women.)

There’s no denying the angst and heartaches of this past year, but there’s no denying God’s grace either. So in that spirit, I wish you joy amidst it all. You are in my prayers.

May you find Jesus in new ways, and may you see him especially the tender faces you see in person, or on Zoom or FaceTime, or when you meet him and receive him at the altar.

May our Lord fill every empty cup, and may HE be the source of our fellowship in the days and years to come…that we might also joyfully fill one another’s cup. Amen.

Merry Christmas!!