Among Women 265: Avoiding Overcommitment

I’m happy to share the latest episode of Among Women.

In the past year, I’ve been trying to avoid burnout. The coronavirus pandemic has brought scheduling challenges and changes that have required me to take a harder look at discerning how I spend my time. What am I saying “yes” to —in terms of my use of time? Keeping my calendar in front of Jesus, and keeping a daily prayer time, and keeping Sundays holy—and as a day of joy—have been life-saving. Trusting Jesus with my calendar is key, whether its job related stress, or what I’m cooking in the kitchen this week. That’s why I’m talking  to Rachel Balducci, author of Overcommitted: Cut Chaos and Find BalanceOur identity is not about what we do, but who we are in Christ. Rachel’s message calls us to greater holiness first, and doing what God wants us to do.

I also share about a Franciscan founder of two religious orders in the U.S. and Germany, Blessed Frances Scherviers. Frances was a woman who used her time well, helping to invite troubled women into a life with Christ.

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On a personal note: About midway into the podcast you’ll hear me share that I may be posting less frequently in the coming weeks. That has already started if you’ve been looking for me. But as I’ve shared on the podcast before, this is a one-woman apostolate and when things get crazy around here, it does impact my posting schedule. I’m currently assisting in my elderly mother’s care and I do need some space to do that. The message of today’s podcast of giving your schedule or calendar over to Jesus is really relevant here for me. I’m asking him for graces every day to be serving where he needs me most. Please know that I do miss you, and I thank you for your prayers for my family in the meanwhile.



Image credit: Paico Oficial@paicooficial on Unsplash.