Back after a hiatus! Among Women 257: Called By Name

Life can get complicated from time to time and we have to know when to pause … I explain some of that in my recent podcast—a clear case of “family first” and waiting for things to settled out so I could have some mental bandwidth to return to podcasting.

So, here’s the latest Among Women … it’s good to be back!

I’m back in the studio and delighted to kick off our spring and summer line up of podcasts with my guest Allison Gingras. Together we’ll explore the latest book offering from WINE (Women in
the New Evangelization): Called By Name.

THERE’S A BOOK GIVEAWAY, TOO!!! NOW THRU MAY 10. Details here! So, act quickly!

I’ll also introduce a saint who is new to me—and one who has particularly spoken to me with her example and courage when it comes to aging with grace.

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