The Top 25 Among Women Podcasts – Listener Favorites!

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The Top Downloaded Podcast Episodes:

  1. Jenny’s IVF Story: AW 191 | Guest: Jenny Vaughn
  2. On Faith, Grace, and Prayer in Marriage and Family Life: AW 186 | Guest: Leila Marie Lawler
  3. #Fatima100 and Mary’s Way: AW 223 | Guest: Judy Klein
  4. The Power of a Praying Friend: AW 146 | Guest: Maria Morera Johnson
  5. Kicking those Little Sins: AW 211 | Guest: Elizabeth Scalia
  6. Faith-filled Women at Work: AW 159 | Guest: Mary Wallace
  7. Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood and Ours: AW 188 | Guest: Mary Matheus + a talk given by Pat to the NCCW
  8. Catholic Pediatricians Make a Difference: AW 161 | Guest: Kathleen Berchelmann, MD
  9. Mary’s “astonishing” Motherhood: AW 160 | Guest: Katherine Coleman
  10. Mary’s Touch: AW 224 | Guest: Alexis Walkenstein
  11. The Mid-Life Madres: AW 151 | Guest: Elizabeth Foss
  12. Greeting our new Pope, plus meet “Theologian Mom”: AW 158 | Guest: Angela Franks
  13. Show Me, Lord, That I’m Beautiful: AW 184 | Guest: Michelle Ducker
  14. Advent and Ignatian Spirituality: AW 218 | Guest: Ginny Kubitz Moyer
  15. The Life of Ryan: AW 185 | Guest: Mary Ellen Barrett
  16. The Final Lap in the Year of Mercy: AW 217 | Guest: Colette Higgins
  17. Almsgiving and Fasting: AW 219 | Guest: Lisa Hendey
  18. St. Joseph, the Angels, and … : AW 220 | Guest: Kate Wicker
  19. Lead with Humility: AW 189 | Guest: Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble FSP
  20. The Life of Prayer and Good Works: AW 227 | Guest: Julie Davis
  21. Momnipotent! AW 179 | Guest: Danielle Bean
  22. Negativity Among Catholics Thwarts the Good: AW 222 | Guest: Jaymie Stuart Wolfe
  23. What Divorced Catholics Ought to Know: AW 226 | Guest: Mary Lou Rosien
  24. Bragging on Jesus: AW 221 | Guest: Danielle Bean
  25. Falling in Love with the Trinity and the Feminine Genius: AW 183 | Guest: Nan Balfour
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