#Autumn down a country lane in New England Take Two: Sugar Maple Splendor

I found a few more photos in my iPhone…                     Consider this a continuation of yesterday’s post. (There’s even some identification going on regarding the “oreo cows”. File that under “things I never thought I’d discuss in a combox”, but it’s been fun!) Note: Something is…

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Zipping Down Country Lanes in New England… and walking them too…

First, with an emphasis on zip… Bob and I were sharing a car for while. But this summer, as he began a new job, he suggested I take this for a test drive… He didn’t have to ask twice. I’ve loved these cars since I saw one on vacation in 2003. 10+ years later, the…

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The F.U.N. Quotient… leaf blower edition

I live in New England. Leaves fall. And get cleaned up. And fall some more. I am never 15 minutes away from the sounds of a leaf blower. I may go mad.

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