Catholic Relief Services

Among Women 204: Lenten Almsgiving and CRS Rice Bowl #4Lent4Life

Welcome to Lent 2016! This episode of Among Women introduces a simplified and practical way to accomplish Lenten almsgiving — with CRS Rice Bowl. In this program we look at the art of giving — specifically, alms-giving this Lent. Together with my guests, Sherry Brownrigg and Lisa Hendey, we talk about the work of almsgiving this Lent…

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What is Lent? Part of a great video series at CRS…

There’s a bunch of videos over at CRS. Consider making Operation Rice Bowl part of your Lenten Observance.  

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Among Women Podcast 173: Reflecting on Rwanda, with Lisa Hendey

  This week on Among Women we explore the reflections of author and founder Lisa Hendey as she talks about a troubling subject:  the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. Although this conversation is challenging, in terms of the devastating horror of genocide, and its continued threat in the modern world,  it is also one of…

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