HHS Mandate

Here’s some media follow up on the “Women Speak for Themselves” rally in DC

Some of you may have heard about the Washington DC rally, hosted by Women Speak for Themselves held yesterday. While I did not have the luxury of attending, I really support this message, so I just wanted to add a few related articles that I came across in the aftermath of the event. From Washington Post “On…

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RALLY THURSDAY in Wash DC: “Women Speak for Themselves!” Can’t go? Sign this letter!

In the past year, I’ve been watching the growth of “Women Speak for Themselves”, led by Helen Alvare and Kim Daniels, on the question of religious liberty and HHS Mandate. (Previously I’ve posted on it here, and on my former blog, here. You can also read my review of “Breaking Through”, edited by Helen Alvare.) There…

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Video: I am “among women” who speak for themselves with respect to the HHS mandate’s curtailing of religious freedom.

I’m happy to add my voice to the women who are opposing the HHS Mandate in America… and you’ll see my face in this video at 2:06-2:09 (lower right side of the screen). Here’s to a more thoughtful, more complete vision of women’s freedom… and to a stronger reception of religious liberty in America than we…

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