Here’s to the mundane, the ordinary, and the works of mercy we cannot live without.

Today I had a thought. A complete thought. And that’s a good thing amidst a million distractions. Here’s to the mundane. Here’s to the stuff of earth and all the little things we do — the unspectacular, unexciting needs met for love of God, and love of others. For God notices what we do, even…

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Among Women Podcasts for Moms-to-Be… or new Moms…

I love producing the Among Women podcast and I thought I’d share a few recent podcasts that are very good for mothers-to-be, or for mothers who are still new to this vocation of motherhood. The most recent episode, AW 164,  features a conversation with Karen Minster from Paraclete Press, describing the role of Godparents, and…

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The F.U.N. Quotient… the potty-training edition

Motherhood is an adventure like no other and life on the potty is no exception. Let us remember our sense of humor as we raise ’em and praise ’em. ::: A little potty humor…from the mouths of babes. ::: Okay, here’s one for the parents entering the gruesome world of public toilets. (And yes, I laughed….

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