My Badass Book of Saints

Among Women 197: Badass Buddies and Pope Selfies – an interview with Maria Morera Johnson

This Among Women episode is one I’ve been waiting for all year! My friend, author and Catholic Weekend host María Morera Johnson, joins me for the Among Women interview. Maria brings some of the stories behind her new book, including how the book got its name:  My Badass Book of Saints: Courage Women Who Showed…

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Perfect! My Badass Book of Saints + the Feast of St Teresa of Avila = A sale!!!!!

  Go to this link to get the sale and use offer code: MARIA I was happy to write the foreword to this book, here’s a little bit from that… St Augustine is often credited with this idea: “There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” So, what about us? Do…

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This^ is one badass book by María Morera Johnson — literally! Did I mention it’s about saints?!

Yes, that’s really the title… My Badass Book of Saints… and from what I’ve read, the saints in there are pretty badass — but in a you’ll-never-guess-this kind of way! Fun stuff! And good story telling too. The book is due out in November, but let’s get excited and pre-order it NOW! Just cuz we can!…

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