New York

Remembering 9/11: a tribute to Yolanda, a tour of the Memorial in NYC, and a call to service

Many of us remember where we were 14 years ago today. I’ve written about it before here, and here, and here and here and elsewhere. Today, among the others my extended family knows who died that day, I’d like to focus on one person that we lost. My mom’s friend, Yolanda Dowling, as my mother tells it,…

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On the Road in Wayne County

I’m staying with my parents due to my mother’s long hospital stay and her subsequent recovery in a nursing home for rehab. As I travel through the local countryside, I’m pining for a better camera beyond my iPhone 4s. In recent weeks, I’ve been getting to know the highways and byways of this area and taking many…

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The F.U.N. Quotient… Our local accents, or how what we say shows where we’re from!

This is a fabulous study! As a New York native transplanted to the greater Boston area… I came with a wikkid accent and I’ve also acquired one too. Here’s a few pictorials about linguistics in this country… but by all means, read them all! Here’s two that represents a quirk or two about where I’ve…

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