Sacrament of Matrimony

This Makes Me Think… about God’s role in my marriage

It takes three to make Love in Heaven —  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It takes three for Heaven to make love to earth — God, Man, and Mary, through whom God became Man. It takes three to make love in the Holy Family — Mary, and Joseph, and the consummation of their love, Jesus….

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On the heels of my post “The Art of the Love Letter”, let’s hear it for acts of kindness in Marriage!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wrote “The Art of the Love Letter” last week to give men —  who think they’d rather show their love instead of talk about it — an insight into the heart of many women for whom the words of love are important. Yes, even long past the “honeymoon” stage of…

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30 years ago I said “I do”. Here’s a recap on faith, grace, sex, kids, and love…

Bob and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this week. Dang! Has it been that long? It went by so fast!  My latest column at Patheos is a look back, and a testament to the graces of living the Sacrament of Matrimony these thirty years. It’s one part our experience, one part what we have learned,…

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