The Joy of the Gospel

What is the missionary impulse? Find out! Details about Proclaim 2014!

  What is the missionary impulse? This missionary impulse is implicit in our baptism. We Catholics are baptized into the Church. The blessing of our baptism is not only that it brings us into relationship with God, and into relationship with every member of the Church, but we are baptized into the mission of the…

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Have you seen these daily Advent reflections reading through Evangelii Gaudium – “The Joy of the Gospel”?

I’m over at Kelly Wahlquist’s place today where many people are reading through and reflecting on Pope Francis’ latest Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, translated as “The Joy of the Gospel.”  The section I was assigned to cover was not exactly joyful… it was Francis’ outline of the difficult state of affairs that our world is…

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