The Little Oratory

Making God a Priority in Your Catholic Home: Resources to help parents be prayer leaders

Priorities, to-do lists, goals…. we all get it, we’ve all got so much time and we’ve got to budget it according to what we wish to achieve. The spiritual leadership in our homes must be a priority. As Catholics, our priorities are directed by the two great loves that could summarize the Ten Commandments: Love God…

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Saint-Making Starter Kit: Parents Who Love God and Live It In The Home

Happy All Saints Day! One of the key teachings of Vatican II — is the universal call to holiness — or more simply, everyone is called to be a saint. As I read and share many saint bios and hagiographies  in my writing and on Among Women, I often discover that would-be saints often start out…

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Among Women: On Faith, Grace, and Prayer in Marriage and Family Life

This week’s episode of Among Women talks about many things that are close to my heart — marriage and family — and the calling to make Christ the center of those relationship and in our home. I hope you’ll join me as I reflect back on 30+ years of marriage and family life, plus have…

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