The F.U.N. Quotient… for theology majors and the people who love them

This.  –> 11 of the most annoying things to say to a theology major.   — H/T Maria Johnson, boon companion to this theology geek and all my geekery.  

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The Catholic Apologetics Academy came to the Boston area

I had some unexpected space free up in my weekend, courtesy of a change in a church calendar, and my husband being away on a business trip. So I asked the Lord — what should I do with my time? I think I was one of the last ones to sign up for the Catholic…

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Among Women 174: Contraception is Contra to Our Happiness

This most recent edition of Among Women finds us talking in detail about the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception with a moral theologian, Angela Franks, PhD. Dr Franks recently authored Contraception and Catholicism, which I endorsed. She is a wife, mother, and professor at the Theological Institute of the New Evangelization at St John’s Seminary in the…

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