Among Women Podcast #146: The Power of a Praying Friend

With Maria Johnson, dining al fresco in the North End, Boston. 2012.

It’s great to have a friend. It’s even greater to have a friend who not only prays, but joins you in prayer. Check out the latest episode of Among Women as we prepare to welcome the Year of Faith and search for ways to grow in sharing our faith with others. Here’s one idea: pray with your Catholic and Christian friends. My friend, and one of my prayer buddies, Maria Johnson (blogger at Another Cup of Coffee and co-host of SQPN’s Catholic Weekendjoins me for this episode as we explore what praying together looks like and what it has wrought in our lives. I wrote about this idea here in a previous column on Patheos, but this episode exemplifies what it might look like when we put it into practice on a regular basis.

Also, I read selections from St Teresa of Avila whose feast day arrives soon on October 15th. Episode 146 of the Among Women podcast is all about the power of a praying friend. 

4 comments on “Among Women Podcast #146: The Power of a Praying Friend

  1. Patricia Sargent says:

    Funny, I was thinking that perhaps I was too old for your podcast; that you were hoping to reach younger people (which still may be true) when you starting reading St. Teresa of Avila’a prayer about growing older. What a true and beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing. I guess I’ll hang in there for a while longer…

    1. Pat says:

      Patricia, Thanks for taking time to comment.

      Among Women tries to reach a pretty wide target audience of women in terms of its spiritual goals… but sometimes its helpful to narrow the target to the needs of specific stages of a woman’s life. If you look over our archives, you’ll see AW runs the gamut… from shows from young adults to mature women. My guests have ranged in age from 17 to 70. In the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing women and talking about the mid-life years.

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