“Mary’s Got This”… my newest favorite phrase and my most recent piece at Catholic Mom

My photo of a pilgrim icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. For more information about their program, go to: http://www.kofc.org/un/en/service/church/marian/

I’m happy to be over at Catholic Mom today with a little missive about my love for Mary and my little prompt that boosts my confidence in Mary’s intercession… “Mary’s got this.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Worrying is something I’m very good at, but it is not useful or healthy for me. When my courage and confidence is failing or being challenged, I sometimes find myself distracted from concentrating on my work at hand. When this happens, I can say a rosary, asking Mary for her intercession, and then remind myself –Mary’s got this! Calling to mind, St. Pio’s admonition to “pray, and don’t worry”, that little added phrase — “Mary’s got this” — allows me to retreat into a kind of calm knowing; believing that a greater mother’s heart is at work carrying out all the details of my cares behind the scenes. Counting the beads of a rosary lowers my heart rate, and the prayers restore me. I need not be afraid or disturbed. I just need to carry on.


“Mary’s got this” means that I can say “yes” to the needs of the moment, and say “no” to my worrying distraction. I regain my balance and attend to my duties. Knowing my Mother Mary has it covered, I can let it go and be obedient to my tasks at hand. In my minds’ eye, I can hold onto Momma’s hand with one of mine, as I tend to work with the other. Knowing my concerns are linked to heaven, or better yet — carried in the heart of heaven — helps me carry on.

Read the rest over at Catholic Mom.

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 *Mary is the Star of the New Evangelization