Catholic Mom

I’m at Catholic Mom today with another installment from “Tales from the Empty Nest”

Over the years, it has been a gift to write for Catholic Mom. Though my frequency there is not what it used to be, I love to add a piece over there a few times a year. Having just launched my youngest into the real world of work and rent-paying, I’m sharing these thoughts from…

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Catholic Mom kicks off today’s Blessed, Beautiful, & Bodacious blog tour: Give it a listen! (Yes, it’s an audio blog tour!)

Here’s a little introduction to the Ten Bodacious Basic… Ten Minutes at Time blog tour is all about: listen to ‘Blog Tour for “Blessed, Beautiful, & Bodacious”’ on Audioboo Author and media expert Lisa Hendey was an early advocate of my writing years back when Catholic Mom was Web 1.0. Back then, I think the site had…

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“Mary’s Got This”… my newest favorite phrase and my most recent piece at Catholic Mom

I’m happy to be over at Catholic Mom today with a little missive about my love for Mary and my little prompt that boosts my confidence in Mary’s intercession… “Mary’s got this.” Here’s an excerpt: Worrying is something I’m very good at, but it is not useful or healthy for me. When my courage and…

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