Blessed, Beautiful, & Bodacious blog tour visits Cause of Our Joy

Here’s a little introduction to the book’s blog tour: Ten Bodacious Basic… Ten Minutes at Time:

Leticia Velasquez is giving me cause for joy by her participation in the book’s blog tour today.

Look for today’s installment on the audio blog tour here. 

Monday’s stop on the blog tour: Another Cup of Coffee

A schedule for the full blog tour is here.

1 comment on “Blessed, Beautiful, & Bodacious blog tour visits Cause of Our Joy

  1. Deborah from Ontario Canada says:

    Hi Pat I just wanted to thank you about the embracing motherhood blog . I am not able to have children. I always dreamed I would have them .I evening remember as a child playing with my dolls and that feeling I had when I pretended to nurse and feed my baby. I still sometimes have dreams where I had a baby in my arms that I could feed and love ,of my own .I would talk about spiritual motherhood , but I understood it in my head , but not in my heart. After listening to your chapter on motherhood maybe I’ll be able to look for the other gifts of motherhood that God has put in my soul. I will pray a prayer to mother Mary, to help me . Thank you

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