Here’s my guest slot on Catholic TV’s “This is the Day”…

I’ve long admired the work of Fr. Bob Reed, and enjoyed working with him and his team at Catholic TV a few years ago when I coordinated the first CNMC to come to Boston in 2010. Since then, I’ve watched the amazing growth of the Catholic TV network under Fr Reed’s leadership.

With the release of Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious, I had the privilege of coming back to this Boston-based national network to be a guest on their live morning show, “This is the Day”, yesterday.

The archived video is here.


Screen shot from the broadcast

Watch the show. My slot begins at 10:15 on the video.

L to R, Kevin Nielsen, newscaster;  Pat; Jay Fadden, co-host; Fr Robert Reed, President of C-TV.

L to R, Kevin Nelsen, newscaster; Pat; Jay Fadden, co-host and GM of C-TV; Fr Robert Reed, co-host and President of C-TV.

Thanks to Bonnie Rodgers for coordinating the invitation and to Shannon Muldoon who welcomed me and got me to the set in good order. The studio team at C-TV were pros and I had a great visit to Watertown, MA. Find C-TV on Facebook.

3 comments on “Here’s my guest slot on Catholic TV’s “This is the Day”…

  1. I just viewed this and am so excited about your new book. I love what you said about our dignity. Yes, the ideal is to live from the inside out. The forming of conscience is vital to all our relationships, especially in making them righteous relationships. I never thought of the moment when I was created being a thought of God. No wonder we sometimes can feel his glory within us. I hope to review your book on my website. Look forward to seeing you at CWGLive again! I first met you at the 2011 conference.

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks for your enthusiasm Nancy! I’ll see you at CWG in August!

  2. Vicki Marani says:

    You looked beautiful, Pat (AND blessed AND bodacious)! Thank you for letting us “tour” with you!

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