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If you’ve been an Among Women listener for a while, you’ve seen the podcast web pages grow and change through the years. Today I’m a happy to announce the latest version, courtesy of the web talents of Dorian Speed of Up to Speed.  Some of you may know Dorian as the author of the Scrutinies blog, too. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Dorian once here in Massachusetts when she ventured to the Faith and Family “Moms Day Away” that I helped to host a few years back. I caught up to her in her home state at last year’s CNMC in Texas. But after working with her over time on this project, and on the many upgrades she brought here to my personal site, I feel like she could be one of my neighbor’s down the block who I’d welcome for coffee. She’s that kind of friendly. So let me recommend her to you if you need this kind of web developing and design service.

Now, I’ve got to go now cuz Dorian has given me a lot more work I need to do on the site to finish tidying some of the content items on the site! You know, rearranging the furniture and sweeping up a bit! But its so cozy and inviting already I just had to let you in even if I’ve still getting things gussied up for you! C’mon in and let’s have a chat Among Women!


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  1. Pat – thanks for the kudos! I’ve really enjoyed working with you on these sites. Hope we can have that coffee talk in person sometime; too bad Texas isn’t next door to Massachusetts.

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