Today’s the day they’ll say “I do”.


   Love is a Name


Keep your vows sacred.

Ask each other what you can pray for, daily.

Tithe so you learn generosity, and understand God’s Providence.

Hear with your heart when the words fail.

Remember to have fun together; life is serious enough.

Young love is great; but strive for a life-long love and affection.

Never give in to comparing or jealousy.


Be the first to apologize when disagreements come, and they will.

Enjoy family traditions, but start a few of your own too.

Never leave each other without a kiss and a reminder of your love.

Just because… look for sweet, tangible ways to appreciate each other.

Attack problems, not each other; be kind and flexible.

Make a home that welcomes children, and their friends.

Intimacy first comes from talking face-to-face, then heart to heart.

Never lose respect for each other; it is the foundation for love.


Say a prayer for the happy couple. (And their parents!) Thanks!


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