Bloggers: Get ready for World Mission Sunday! Join the ‘Bloggers with a Mission’ Campaign!

Catholic Missionaries: Jonathan and Kristen Weiss and family

Catholic Missionaries: Jonathan and Kristen Weiss and family

Some of my younger friends, Jonathan and Kristen Weiss, are Catholic Missionaries with Family Missions Company. They are passionate about Christ and the bringing the Gospel to the world. In two weeks the universal Church will be celebrating World Mission Sunday, on Oct 20, 2013. Bob and I have been able to support these and other missionaries that we know, and I want to encourage you to do the same.

I am joining with Family Mission Company in calling all bloggers to bring awareness to the call to be missionaries, and help bring attention this church-wide annual renewal of our love, care, and devotion to the missionary spirit and to the missionaries that work on behalf of the Church.

The Family Mission Company  (FMC) is reaching out via social media everywhere to encourage bloggers to take up this charge. Go to their website and pledge to write a blog post, get great tips for writing about missionary work, and then link your post back at FMC.

See FMC’s video for bloggers.

Recently, Pope Francis described the missionary call we all have…

We must always have the courage and the joy of proposing, with respect, an encounter with Christ, and being heralds of his Gospel. Jesus came amongst us to show us the way of salvation and he entrusted to us the mission to make it known to all to the ends of the earth.

Each October, the Pontifical Mission Society, organizes World Mission Sunday to help support organizations like Family Mission Company and encourage the rest of us to renew our commitment to the mission. Let get blogging about this today!

I would like to encourage everyone to be a bearers of the good news of Christ and I am grateful especially to missionaries… men and women religious and lay faithful – more and more numerous – who by accepting the Lord’s call, leave their homeland to serve the Gospel in different lands and cultures.

Pope Francis

Check out this upcoming conference to be help Oct 18, and 19 on World Mission Sunday weekend in Lafayette, LA.


Check back here at The Back Porch for a forthcoming interview with Jonathan and Kristen Weiss about the missionary life in honor of World Mission Sunday!


Learn more about Catholic Mission organizations in the United States.

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