On midlife courage, surprises, and Providence

Jesus and Mary, thank you for the godly women that you send into my life.

Today I had breakfast with one of my good friends. The kind of friend that you lament that circumstances prevent you both from getting together more often, but you are so glad that you did.

We talked about the transitions we are in over eggs and toast, oatmeal and coffee. The mothering journey is different when you have adult children. The marriage journey is different than it was decades ago. The work we do now is ever changing from what we did long ago, too.

Yet the prayer life is deeper, more Eucharistic, steady. It is what always makes sense. And what makes sense of us.


A few observances…

Midlife is one of those times when you really need courage…

-to make transitions,
-to try new things as we keep up with the old things,
-to be open to a season where both younger and older generations needs you…
-to finally be comfy enough in your own skin to accept whatever comes, with love and with more love…

God still has few surprises in store for us in midlife… so better get ready…

-you will shake your head and laugh at what God has planned for you… and those you love…
-because it is so good, or better, or crazier, and riskier than what you would imagine for yourself…

God knows you are much better at trusting His Plan for your life these days than you used to be.

-So you keeping showing up.
-Day by day
-Because He does.


I am finding more and more comfort in the bedrock of Providence…

All I know about tomorrow is that God’s Providence will rise before the sun.

-Fr Jean Baptiste Lacordaire, OP-

2 comments on “On midlife courage, surprises, and Providence

  1. Barb S says:

    Thank you! I’m right there in that season and this is very encouraging, when it sometimes feels like the precariously-constructed roads we build lead to detour after detour. (And my high school was named for Fr. Lacordaire, but no one ever bothered to share his wisdom with us!)

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Barb. You give me an excuse to cross promote our conversation about midlife over on Among Women 157: http://amongwomenpodcast.com/2013/02/19/among-women-157-going-through-the-change-benedicts-papal-announcement-and-another-installment-the-midlife-madres-ii/

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