I’m on “Women of Grace” this week with Johnette Benkovic

It’s a honor to be a guest of Johnette Benkovic, host of Women of Grace on EWTN. Watch this series all this week at 11:00am Eastern on EWTN. You find archived on-demand shows here.

Here’s an earlier post describing my visit to EWTN last fall.

2 comments on “I’m on “Women of Grace” this week with Johnette Benkovic

  1. Pat, I saw Monday’s episode. You did a fantastic job and I know women watching will be so inspired to live their lives in the dignity that we are created by our loving Father. So looking forward to the rest of the week’s shows.

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks for your support Nan! I really appreciate it. It was a joy to be on the show. Last episode is here: http://www.womenofgrace.com/en-us/media/tv/details.aspx?id=715 and the others are archived at Women of Grace.

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