This makes me think… about the impact of faith on culture

Faith and culture have to meet. By their active involvement in society, Christians are able to influence their culture in a better, more authentic and more incisive way. 

By the Incarnation, the Son of God took on human nature and inserted himself into a concrete and particular culture, people, language, forms of expression and rituals of celebration.

The Christian has to learn from the Incarnation to be a legitimate and authentic child of his time, his people, his society, his country. The Gospel has the power to give life to a culture. 

+Cardinal Francis Arinze
The Layperson’s Distinctive Role

2 comments on “This makes me think… about the impact of faith on culture

  1. blmaluso says:

    Once hearts have been opened to the Holy Spirit, the love, joy and confidence in the Lord permeates their entire being. It is impossible to keep from radiating and sharing that love.

    The culture is spinning downward quickly, and many people are being deceived. However, deep in their hearts, they know they are not happy – in fact, most are miserable. They are looking for authentic love, faith and Truth. It should be our desire and pleasure to share with them!

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks for your thoughts! Let’s keep sharing the joy of our faith!

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