When our heroes are transformed into Super Heroes. #JP2we<3U

Today is feast day of SAINT JOHN PAUL II.

It’s a pretty cool thing when one of your heroes becomes a saint and has their own date on the liturgical calendar.

When I graduated with my Masters in theology in 2008, I grabbed all the photos of Pope John Paul II that I had in my office and bought myself a little present. I had all my favs framed.



It hangs in our living room. A tribute to a real life hero, now transformed into a real live saint.

He prays for us.


He calls us to be devoted to the Eucharist.


He calls us to be devoted to Mary and the Rosary.


He calls us to join him.

St John Paul II, pray for us!


Just a brief update:

Due to a pressing editorial deadline, I intended to keep this post brief. But I couldn’t help taking time to read Pia di Solenni’s piece referred to at her blog. It says so much of what I tried to convey in my book, thanks to the holy influence of St John Paul in my life.

Elsewhere I’ve written about the impact of this saint on my own life…

My Top Ten Inspirations from St John Paul II

In Thanksgiving to John Paul for his contributions to women

Yeah, there’s more, but you get the point. St John Paul and the feminine genius shaped my book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious.

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  1. Ann Osendorf says:

    Beautiful post. Simple and powerful message-thank you!

    1. Pat says:

      JP2 had a huge impact on me. Thanks for writing, Ann.

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