Recap: Photos from the Sisters In Faith Conference, Billings MT

Thank you, good women of Montana, and sponsor KJCR –Billings Catholic Radio, and all the other sponsors, for an unforgettable two days of wine, women, and song! (and prayer, and talks, and sisterhood, of course!)



Joining me as a co-presenter was the gifted singer, Jaime Thietten.


The event coordinators, Julie Koerber (r) and Pam Purinton (l).


Yours truly, presenting on Saturday.


Trust me, Jaime Thietten has great pipes and a beautiful testimony. Find her music here.


Momma Mary, front and center!


Wine, cheese, light fare on Friday night!

2015-03-21 11.36.02

A guest appearance by Pope Francis’ stunt double!


I really enjoyed having Jaime Thietten along for this event. Her music really complimented the message of the talks I gave on Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious and our morning and evening prayers. We were able to collaborate in a way that does not often happen between conference speakers, and I’m very grateful to the conference leadership for the opportunity to craft a program with Jaime where we could share our gifts alongside one another.

I hope to have Jaime as a guest on an episode of Among Women in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this video of one of Jaime’s songs. In her testimony talk over the weekend, she shared how her the Lord has led her to sing and to be a voice for the unborn. This song is a powerful reminder of the deep heartache that often accompanies a woman’s life, even years after an abortion. Keep a tissue handy.


Finally home after this 4-day jaunt. I was amazed at the mild temps in Montana and no snow! I flew home via Minnesota and they didn’t have snow either! We’re still looking at the white stuff here in MA, as we got a few inches while I was away. There’s about a 18-24 inches covering the yard, and a 6-foot high plow pile at the end of the driveway. But my heart sure felt the surge of spring while I was away! I love those Montana women!

2 comments on “Recap: Photos from the Sisters In Faith Conference, Billings MT

  1. Pam Purinton says:

    Pat, I am so sorry to be so delinquent in responding to the “recap” from the Sisters in Faith Weekend in Billings this past March. What a marvelous weekend and to have you back in Montana. You have to come again so we can drive the Beartooth Highway!
    Your message of our beautiful and blessed gift of womanhood rang clear with our 300+ attendees. Again you touched hearts as you spoke of how women make a major difference in the world in which we live today. Thank you for continuing to spread this message of love and ministry.
    The combination of Pat and Jaime (Thietten) from Idaho was a match that was definitely made in heaven! It was like the 2 of you had been coordinating events forever! You complemented each other that it just made the weekend.
    Thank you again and again for coming to Billings. I pray for your continued success in ministry and in all of your endeavors to where God will lead you.
    Blessings, Pam Purinton

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