Just call me the Titanium Hipster…

Other than a few podcasts, things have been a little quiet around here on the writing front.

I’m just past a month post-op. On Jan 29 I had surgery for my second total hip-joint replacement. This time it was on my left side. In 2008, about a month after I graduated with my Masters, I had the first one done. (So if you see that photo above, imagine two shiny glowing titanium implants instead of one. And no, that is not my X-ray.) Now I’ve got a matched set, thanks to the same surgeon who has followed my case for over 10 years. (If you’re in the greater Boston area needing a hip repair, I can recommend this doctor.)

Up until now, I’ve suffered with bi-lateral hip dysplasia.* Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, it would seem I’m living the cure with a large implant made mostly from an element from the periodic table. I’m working hard at doing my physical therapy. And not really working full days back at the desk yet. But I’m doing some things. I was on heavy pain-killers the first two weeks and I’m happy to be back down to ice and Advil or Tylenol. So I’m about two weeks into having my brain mostly back, but I fatigue easy.

My concentration is on moving, but nothing that requires heavy thinking or lifting. I chuckled when a dear friend asked me what I’ve been reading in all my free time…? Very little. I read. I fall asleep.

My days are fairly uncomplicated. Pray. Move. Do exercise. Rest. Do some work. Watch birds. Walk the dog.** Pray. Move. Do exercise. Rest.  Repeat.

The physical therapy is a blessing, I know, but I groan a lot doing my leg lifts and shed daily tears doing some motions that my leg has not done in over two years. Overcoming atrophy is the name of the game. Its a very slow game, but I’m in it to win it. I do a lot of walking indoor “laps” around my house and the dog thinks I’m nuts.

I walk with a cane, but in a couple weeks that should disappear, too. I’m about to enter the out-patient physical therapy phase. (I have to admit its been nice to have the PT team come to the house during these cold winter days.) But now we’ve had a few spring-like afternoons and I’m starting to get the bug to get back outdoors. And I’m making plans for future hikes with Bob and my binoculars. (For pessimistic New Englanders, that means it is probably getting ready to snow again. Hard. But I hope not.)

I’m here to say thank you for your prayers. Many folks knew of my medical lay-off and I’m thankful for your kindnesses. I’m most appreciative to my family, and especially Bob, for all the help I’ve been given and continue to receive. Many kind neighbors and church folks brought over meals and kept us going. Again, thank you. It’s great to be part of a loving church family.

And let me just say, if you or someone you love is preparing for surgery, be sure to call your local parish and arrange for the Sacrament of Anointing, and to make a confession before you go. It put me in a good frame of mind, and brought a lot of peace to the process.

The grace is real.





*Apparently I was born with this problem, and it plagued me growing up in that I always blew out one sneaker when I played sports, and I had lots of sciatica-like pain later during my pregnancies. Other than that, I was oblivious to it. But things got interesting in my 40s when the pain became an chronic issue. Nobody, not me, not even my doctors, had any strong indicators of this until I was 42. One astute physical therapist working with me in 1998, following a car accident, noticed that I had one leg longer than another, but I never followed up with a doc about it. Like, whatchagonnado?


**And by walk the dog, I mean hitch the little guy up to long lead and send him out the front door to walk himself! No tripping over leashes for me!

4 comments on “Just call me the Titanium Hipster…

  1. Sara says:

    Call me clueless; I had no idea! I know you were in a lot of pain last summer, but I didn’t realize you had had the surgery. I’m so glad it went well and you are getting back to normal. I guess you’ll be beating me at WWF even more now that you’re off the drugs. 😉

  2. Pat says:

    You’re sweet, Sara! Thanks for dropping by! Maybe I’ll put you on my personal prayer team list — I sent quarterly notes on apostolate-like things to pray for! Let me know!

    1. Sara says:

      I would love to be on your personal prayer team!

  3. Glad you are doing so well. Thanks for the progress report; I can focus on “continued recovery” prayers!

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