Among Women is 7 years old! A retrospective on sharing the faith, great music, and a host of special editions featuring our listeners’ voices!

This is our third and final post celebrating the seven years of conversations Among Women!

Previous posts have focused on the many themes that have been the hallmarks of Among Women: the feminine genius and the dignity of women, the lives of women saints, and all out encouragement for the grace-filled living of our Catholic faith –otherwise known as the call to holiness.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 6.50.37 PMYou might want to bookmark this post for future reference!

We’ve explored the how-to’s of sharing your faith, going to adoration, offering your testimonyreaching out to prodigals, and the process of joining third orders (for lay people) with the Carmelites or the secular Franciscans.

Listeners have added their own wonderful voices on our AW Special Editions like “Among Women 200”,  “Listeners talk about their Lenten Practices“, “What I Love About Mary”“The Bible and You”“AW 100”,  “Prayer”“JOY!”and “What We Love About Pope Francis”.

Oh, and the music! Who can forget going “behind the scenes” to the studio of those singing nuns — the Daughters of St Paul? Plus I got to go back to my deejay roots as we enjoyed the musical talents of recording artists Sara Hart and Kitty Cleveland!

Last fall I launched a shorter AW podcast — the ESPRESSO SHOT! It was an idea that came up as I was meeting with a few listeners in Florida last summer.  The Espresso Shot even broke with our precedent and had a guy show up on Among Women — a priest — as a guest! This new format has really added a certain breadth to the show and allows me to podcast more “on the fly” when I’m traveling. So I’m grateful for the good feedback you’ve given me on them!

How can I say thank you for listening? 

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.41.15 PMIn the only ways I know how — I’m praying my rosaries in thanksgiving to Momma Mary for her graceful patronage and inspiration, and asking her to intercede for your needs. Don’t worry, she knows who you are.

Plus I’m going to give away three copies of my book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious, to three women at random who leave me a comment on this post now through April 8th at 11:59pm. (US residents only, please. Winners will be contact via email.) After all, “BBB” was borne from my many conversations and prayers with women over the years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


So where to next? What do you want to hear? Send me your thoughts in the comments box, or send off an email at You can still find me at the Among Women Podcast Facebook page and on Twitter as @PatGohn and @among_women.

And please, keep sharing Among Women!!


9 comments on “Among Women is 7 years old! A retrospective on sharing the faith, great music, and a host of special editions featuring our listeners’ voices!

  1. Amanda L. Paige says:

    Congrats Pat!! And here is to 7 more!! (Well hopefully many more than that lol).
    Amanda L. Paige
    a listener in Arkansas

    1. Pat says:

      Glad you are here… still! Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    Atlanta, GA

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks, faithful one.

  3. Ann Culleton says:

    Congratulations again Pat! I cannot thank you and EWTN enough for guiding me through my conversion process 6+ years ago. My search for a ‘podcast’ on my new phone back then yielded some wonderful new friends, and an entire world of faith. My home parish’s (St. Paul’s in Summerside, PE) RCIA program was an incredible experience…topped off with some ‘electronic’ teachers. God Bless you all!

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks for staying along for the ride, Ann! And thanks for the comment!

  4. Karen Fitzgerald says:

    Wonderful Read Pat! Congratulations! Always keep me grounded. I’ve bookmarked this for sure…. On to many more years’

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks Karen!

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