Among Women Podcast 207- Defending the Faith with Charity and Clarity (with Kathryn Jean Lopez)

This episode of Among Women looks at an important book and subject. It’s something that will help us in this election year, or whenever we need to discuss theScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.28.54 PM Catholic faith in a public setting, or at a cocktail party, or among friends and family — How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice. 

Today our Among Women segment features co-author of the book, syndicated columnist, and NRO Editor-at-large, Kathryn Jean Lopez. I’ve been blessed by this book’s great principles, and I hope you will be too! Kathryn and I will also discuss Pope Francis’ “The Joy of Love”, and Kathryn’s trips to EWTN and religious order foundress Mother Angelica’s funeral Mass, and also her trek to frosty Massachusetts for Divine Mercy Sunday in the Year of Mercy.

Plus we’ll look at the life and social action of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey — an innovative educator and missionary from the early 19th century and the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny. Listen now!

There are so many good links for this episode, so be sure to check the show notes after you listen to this latest Among Women.