Divine Mercy Sunday

Among Women Podcast 207- Defending the Faith with Charity and Clarity (with Kathryn Jean Lopez)

This episode of Among Women looks at an important book and subject. It’s something that will help us in this election year, or whenever we need to discuss the Catholic faith in a public setting, or at a cocktail party, or among friends and family — How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice.  Today our Among…

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Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! Love and mercy has taken form and has a name: Jesus Christ!

[W]e live in a time of deep worldly skepticism about any “bigger plan” or higher meaning to human experience. For many people, the human person is little more than an accident of evolution; carbon atoms with an attitude. In other words, for many people we have no higher purpose than whatever meaning we create for…

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Everything you could ever want to know about Divine Mercy in one great website: thedivinemercy.org

  Bookmark TheDivineMercy.org You can watch live coverage from the National Shrine of Divine Mercy on EWTN or online. (Today, 12noon Eastern.)

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