News! Among Women joins Discerning Hearts – the Catholic podcast network!

Last week marked the debut of Among Women on the inspirational Catholic online network known as Discerning Hearts.

Discerning Hearts has hundreds of podcasts designed to help listeners grow in the spiritual life, and I’m pleased to have been invited to collaborate with Kris MacGregor, the founder, who will be adding Among Women to the weekly line-up.

Discerning Hearts podcasts are distributed via live streaming and on-demand via their website and apps. They feature podcasts devoted to prayer and discernment, Scripture study, the church fathers, spiritual classics, and more! Check out their line up! I highly recommend the series by Fr. Timothy Gallagher OMV, and the spiritual classics as places to begin! Catholic book clubs and individual readers may also enjoy Inside the Pages with Kris MacGregor.


About Discerning Hearts, from its website:

Discerning Hearts … is dedicated to evangelization and spiritual formation through new media. Discerning Hearts creates engaging multi-media, specializing in audio productions (known as podcasts and radio broadcasts) faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s rich, authentic spiritual tradition. Its mission responds to the Church’s call to use the media for evangelization, catechesis, and spiritual renewal.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke to the US Bishops from Region 2 in 2010 saying, “Only through interior renewal will we be able to discern and meet the spiritual needs of our age with the ageless truth of the Gospel”…that is our goal.

Thanks to the generosity of its large online community over this past year, Discerning Hearts has grown both the sizes of its audiences and the number of shows it produces. As a ministry, Discerning Hearts makes real contributions to the use of new media in the Catholic Church. Many of our series are produced and formatted so they may be used freely on Catholic radio stations (such as the Spirit Catholic Radio Network, it’s “parent” in ministry), as well as, other new media outlets in their various forms….allowing broadcasting to occur in it’s “broadest” sense.


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This is non-profit apostolate. If you can donate to Discerning Hearts, you may do so here.

2 comments on “News! Among Women joins Discerning Hearts – the Catholic podcast network!

  1. Nancy Ward says:

    Good for you! This makes Among Women accessible to a wider audience –a win for everyone!

    1. Pat says:

      Thanks, Nancy! That’s so true. And I’ve long admired the content selection at DH. So it’s a honor to be featured there! Thanks for being in touch!

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