Among Women Podcast 266: Prayer Journaling – Chocolate for your Soul


In this episode of Among Women we look at something very close to my heart — prayer journaling! It’s a great topic and I’m pleased to welcome Mary Beth Weisenburger, author of Praying with a Pen: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Stress-Free Prayer Journaling. Our conversation is geared for all those newbies who want to try this method of prayer — what Mary Beth dubs “chocolate for your soul.” Together we explore how to get started (hint: listen for the 4 P’s), as well as what it means to experience holy whispers and “holy moly” moments.

I also look back in early fourth-century church history to recap some of the extraordinary life of  St. Olympia  — a woman of great fortitude and generosity.

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2 comments on “Among Women Podcast 266: Prayer Journaling – Chocolate for your Soul

  1. Amanda Paige says:

    I have the kindle version of this. I have been working my way slowly through it! I really feel like I need to get a “real” copy and not the virtual one lol.

    1. Pat says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for dropping by! As long as your journal is a paper one, I’m not sure it matters if the book is an e-copy or not. But it’s a great practice!

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