Kicking off the new year with a podcast series on Mary’s titles and feast days

Hello and happy new year!

As we open 2021, I feel led to a back-to-basics approach with Among Women, and I’ll be doing an “espresso shot” series throughout the coming months on Mary’s titles and her feast days. (And yes, I know this is the Year of St.

Joseph… so I’ll be adding that aspect along the way as I can!)

Here’s the first short-and-sweet one on Mary, the Mother of God! 

Between the espresso shots (the shorter version of AW) and my regular length podcasts, we’ve passed 300 episode in all. Recently I’ve been asked about what’s next for Among Women… and with the ongoing pandemic, and my normal workload, all I can say is that I’m just going to be keeping on as steady as I can in 2021. I’m praying for discernment regarding sharing Among Women in other ways, and I’d ask you to join in that prayer of petition.

In the meanwhile, thanks for listening to Among Women and I wish you the peace of Christ and the joy of Mary in the new year!

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