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Discussions of a “theology of women in the church” continues in the press… my thoughts

Two pieces that have come out in the press this past week that continue to express interest in what Pope Francis alluded to when he talked about “a deeper theology of women in the church.” One very much reflecting an important Marian perspective found in magisterial teachings, and the other offering a wide ranging sampling of…

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My WaPo response to Francis’ comments about needing a deeper theology of women in the church

Last Sunday, on his flight home from World Youth Day in Rio, reporters asked several questions of the Holy Father on a variety of subjects. Of note for women is that Francis, while stipulating that the path to priestly ordination for women is closed, he suggested that a deeper “theology of women in the church”…

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Here’s some media follow up on the “Women Speak for Themselves” rally in DC

Some of you may have heard about the Washington DC rally, hosted by Women Speak for Themselves held yesterday. While I did not have the luxury of attending, I really support this message, so I just wanted to add a few related articles that I came across in the aftermath of the event. From Washington Post “On…

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RALLY THURSDAY in Wash DC: “Women Speak for Themselves!” Can’t go? Sign this letter!

In the past year, I’ve been watching the growth of “Women Speak for Themselves”, led by Helen Alvare and Kim Daniels, on the question of religious liberty and HHS Mandate. (Previously I’ve posted on it here, and on my former blog, here. You can also read my review of “Breaking Through”, edited by Helen Alvare.) There…

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Mainstream Media: Cover the #Gosnell case!

There’s a movement on Twitter to help call out the mainstream media for ignoring the coverage surrounding abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Here’s an angle about media blackouts and censorship that comes from catechist, Peggy Clores, a former guest on Among Women, who wrote to me about this new story: Regardless of your viewpoint, every American should…

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An “office Mom’s” maternal gift brings compassion, nurture, mentoring, and dignity to the workplace

In my book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious,  one area of focus is the maternal gift that women bring to the world  based on their feminine nature. This maternal nature is part of God’s design of womanhood, as Blessed John Paul II taught, in that the human person is entrusted to women in a special way…

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