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Among Women Podcast Espresso Shot #29: Seven Sorrows of Mary

I hope you enjoy Among Women’s Espresso Shot: Episode 29 Today’s topic: The Seven Sorrows of Mary  This most recent podcast is the 9th installment in a 12-part series on the monthly church devotions. In September we honor the Seven Sorrows of Mary (see below). This is a great time to engage Mary our Mother…

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Church scandals getting you down? I’m giving away 30 free copies of ALL IN — the book I wrote on why I’m still a confident Catholic.

I cannot help being deeply saddened as I read the current reporting unraveling details of sex scandals involving some members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and numerous corruptions surrounding those events. For those of us who have lived through previous scandals, there is a sickening sort of PTSD swirling about. Yet I believe in…

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No matter how low your opinion of the Church might be right now, the opinion of Jesus Christ matters most.

Until we get to the bliss of heaven, much of what we experience in the Church may look a lot like the up-and-down, back-and-forth seasons of marriage: “in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, in good times and in bad.” – Pat Gohn, All In I get it. In the wake of more…

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