Scott Hahn

Treat yourself to an awesome 7 minute talk on Mary’s Immaculate Conception from Dr Scott Hahn

  ::: Archived posts from this blog on the Immaculate Conception: 2014: Mary, who carried God within her 2013: A Prayer, A Paragraph, and A Podcast  

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This makes me think… and makes me value my baptism all the more…

As Catholics… we believe that original sin isn’t something committed, it’s something contracted. We recognize that we have received from Adam and Eve a human nature devoid of the divine nature God originally entrusted to them. As such, we don’t so much see original sin as a “thing,” as we do a lack of a…

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This makes me think… what is my spoken and silent witness saying?

A few generations back, you can understand why many Catholics didn’t see the need to evangelize. They could live their faith in their homes and parishes, and when they walked outside — going to work, or school or the playground — the cultural temperature didn’t feel that much different than it felt inside. For all…

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