This makes me think… what is my spoken and silent witness saying?

A few generations back, you can understand why many Catholics didn’t see the need to evangelize. They could live their faith in their homes and parishes, and when they walked outside — going to work, or school or the playground — the cultural temperature didn’t feel that much different than it felt inside. For all appearances the gap between the Catholic way of life and the American way of life didn’t look that great.

Today, however, when Catholics walk outside our homes and parishes into the culture at large, we feel the difference. It hits us in the face like a slap of ice-cold wind. The culture has turned toxic, and the gap between how the Church calls us to live and how the culture tells us to live has grown so wide, we can no longer bridge it. 

But while we can’t bridge the gap, we can attempt to close it. That’s what the New Evangelization calls us to do. It calls us to transform not just individuals, but the entire culture, recognizing that just as the de-Christianization of culture led countless men and women away from the Church, so can the re-Christianization of culture lead en and women back to the Church. 

That’s what we’re doing when we share our faith, through both our silent and spoken witness, with the people in our neighborhoods, and communities, schools, and workplaces. We’re transforming culture by introducing the individuals within it to a Person who will transform the very fabric of their lives. We’re welcoming them into a family of believers who will walk with them as they strive to live the life to which God calls them.

That’s something your parish priest can’t do. He can’t bear witness to the guy in your office who has never stepped foot in a Catholic Church. He can’t strike up a conversation at the gym or the coffee shop with the person who stopped going to Mass a decade ago. Your priest’s reach is limited… they can’t go where you can go.

-Scott Hahn-
Evangelizing Catholics, 2014

2 comments on “This makes me think… what is my spoken and silent witness saying?

  1. Thought provoking and challenging. Last week, a new coworker and I started talking about her background and given her education, it was obvious she was Catholic, so I commented on it. She said she wasn’t really anymore and asked about my background. I told her a little bit about my return to faith and then started to move on to another topic when she stopped me and said, “No. I want to know more about that. I’d love to have a little of that.” This post and her comment are wonderful reminders that evangelization is NOT a dirty word and something the world needs more of. We need to trust, and not be afraid we’ll be considered weird or outdated (and what if we are??).

    1. Pat says:

      So true, Melanie. You never know when a door might open in another’s life when we share our own stories of faith.

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